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Hip Chic Nailed It UV LED Gel Lamp

$10.00 CAD

With its easy-to-use, portable size with USB design, HIP CHIC UV LED Gel Lamp will make you the best DIY nail artist, creating instant salon-quality gel nails at home, school, and office – anywhere you like!

** What is semi-cured gel?
Semi-cured gel nail strips are just like the gel nails you would get at a nail salon, but at a lower cost.
The strips have adhesive backs, so they are also sometimes called “gel nail stickers” or ”gel nail wraps”.
Unlike other regular nail stickers, the semi-cured gel has a real gel nail polish quality that is cured at 60% – and designed to be applied like a sticker.
So, you can see that the quality of the nail is the same as the real gel nail polish after curing with UV lamp.
* Be aware
Extreme temperature or exposure to UV light can affect gel nail trips by causing them to harden and reduce elasticity.
Ensure gel nail strips are at room temperature.

If your gel nail strips have hardened due to cold temperature, don’t panic!
First, you can put them into a warm room or thaw them with your body temperature for a few minutes.
This freezing or hardening case is temporary and doesn’t affect the quality of the gel nail strips.

** Why HIP CHIC Semi-cured Gel Nail Strip?
HIP CHIC Nailed it !
Achieve compliment-worthy nails with minimal effort! Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word. Creating such style should never be complicated or time-wasting. Hip Chic semi-cured gel nails are super simple to apply, allowing you to have gorgeous nails right in the comfort of your home, for a fraction of the time and cost.

Hip Chic’s semi-cured gel nail strips and LED UV lamp let nails stay in place longer than traditional polish and any other at-home nail options. Depending on your daily routines and how carefully you apply them at first, they can easily last up to 2 weeks when fully cured by UV light. (Pro Tip: Make sure to leave a little space between the strip and your cuticle to avoid coming off.) Considering its affordability and durability, this is a great alternative to achieving salon-quality nails without breaking the bank.

Hip Chic strives to provide a wide range of designs that satisfies your daily fashion demand and develop them as plump and strong as salon gel nails. A plump and glossy finish is crucial to achieve a salon-quality look. Hip Chic semi-cured gel nail strips offer a gorgeous shine and plumpness that looks like actual salon gel nails. Hip Chic does outshine our competitors thanks to our dedication to quality and details.

Each kit comes with 22 nail stickers, enough to backup in case some nail strips fall off. You no longer have to go to a salon to fix your nails. No matter the shape, length, and nail conditions, everyone of all ages can create tailor-fit, salon-quality nails in the comfort of one’s home. Hip Chic’s full collection of semi-cured gel nail strips are available in various styles, colors, and sizes – from solids to mixed colors, and in all style types, including glitter, holiday nails, and many others.

** Components
Main product (MINI 6W UV LED Gel Lamp)
USB cable (except power adapter)
Instruction Sheet

STEP 1: Gently shape your nails and push back cuticles. Thoroughly wash your hands and clean your nails with the enclosed prep pad. Ensure nails are completely dry and free from oil.

STEP 2: Choose the right sizes that fit your nails best. (Tip: If you are in between sizes, choose a smaller size). Apply nail strip slightly above cuticle line. Firmly press over the entire surface, especially the edge.

STEP 3: Cut the excess nail strip with the enclosed nail file close to the length of the nail. (You can also use your own nail clipper or scissor.)

STEP 4: Cure under UV LED LAMP light for 60 seconds at least 1~2 times to ensure they are fully cured. (Tip: Before curing, press down all edges of each nail thoroughly using the enclosed wood stick for better adhesion.) Set curing time to either 60 seconds by pressing the power button once or 90 seconds by holding it for 2-3 seconds.

Pro TIP: You might feel a heat spike depending on the sensitivity of your nail bed. To minimize the chances of the heat spike, repeat the process of tempering by putting your hands in the light for 1 or 2 seconds and taking them right back out for a couple of seconds.

* Please refer to the instruction sheet on how to remove and how to use UV LED Gel Lamp.

IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS Use this lamp only for its intended use, as described in this manual. When using electrical products, especially when children are present, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following:
2. Always unplug lamp after use and store USB cable separately.
3. Power supply cord is only to be used with the unit provided.
4. Do not place lamp in or drop into water or any other liquid. Keep lamp away from heated surfaces and keep the air openings free of all debris.
5. Do not look directly at LED bulbs to avoid eye strain from external lighting.
6. Do not touch the bulbs right after using the lamp as it can be extremely hot.
7. Never operate lamp if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly or it has been dropped, damaged or partially or fully submerged in water.
8. Do not drop the lamp from the high place.
9. Do not disassemble the lamp.
10. Do not exceed more than 10 minutes of use. Over-exposure can cause burns, premature skin aging, or eye injury.
11. Discontinue use if rash occurs during or after use. Wear a protective glove that covers your hands and only expose your nails if you have sensitive skin.
12. Children, pregnant women, and people with highly sensitive skin and health issues should consult their physician before using the lamp.

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